OgoGago (comes and goes)

An empty silver wine bladder contracts into a star-like shape as if the air has been sucked out of it. The background is black, which makes the wine bladder appear to float in space.Still from Breath in a bag (2011), James Oram

Curated by artist Seung Yul Oh, OgoGago (English translation; 'comes and goes') features up to 10 short works curated from CIRCUIT's collection and one work by Korean artist Tae Yoon Kim. Seung Yul Oh describes the works he has chosen for OgoGago as “... doodling on a new piece of paper, meshing different times of memory”. He says the works he has chosen capture moments of “failure, instant and the 'fly in the ointment”. The programme is regularly revised for public presentations. Previous artists featured include Clinton Watkins, Daniel Von Sturmer, Gemma Syme, Daif King, James Oram, Lucien Rizos, Sonya Lacey, Christina Read and Tae Yoon Kim.

Originally presented in association with the Seung Yul Oh survey exhibition at City Gallery Wellington entitled MOAMOA: A Decade, the artist has suggested the project may continue developing into the future indefinitely, with works being added or substracted and new presentation formats.

Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery, 10 October 2016
City Gallery Wellington, June 2014