Podcast Posted Jun 28, 2017
By Mark Amery

Inspired by the simple realisation that all energy for life on Earth comes from the Sun, Trudy Lane’s Sunroom is an installation that stretches to encompass astrophysics, energy, ecology, and cosmologies.

Writing Posted Jun 15, 2017
By Mark Williams

This symposium invites papers that interrogate phenomenological approaches to film and changing notions of affect and which explore their ethical, social and political implications.

Writing Posted Jun 12, 2017
By Megan Dunn

Megan Dunn writes on Petra Cortwright's RUNNING NEO-GEO GAMES UNDER MAME, City Gallery Wellington 8 April – 13 August 2017

Podcast Posted May 29, 2017
By Mark Amery

"One thing has led to another..." On the release of a career spanning book, 101 year old artist Michael Nicholson talks to Mark Amery about art, the power of the absurd, witchcraft, mystic philosophy and "the power to live life gracefully".

Podcast Posted May 16, 2017
By Mark Amery

How do we fill in the blanks of our own histories?

Writing Posted May 5, 2017
By Hamish Win

Described at the time by Annette King as ‘a hatchet job on the welfare state’, Judy Rymer’s 1997 documentary Time Bomb (1), is the subject of Tim Wagg’s False Paths.

Podcast Posted Apr 20, 2017
By Mark Amery

“Is it possible for the Romantic to exceed the rational without eliminating it?” Cushla Donaldson talks Mark Amery through the exhibition The Fairy Falls at Te Uru Waitakere, featuring the premiere of a new film work documenting the mythical 1973 performance by Black Sabbath at The Great Ngaruawa

Writing Posted Apr 11, 2017
By Thomasin Sleigh

" can the artist say what this river means, when it means so many different things to so many different people?" Thomasin Sleigh on five live performances of Murray Hewitt's ambitious mapping of the Hutt River, The Rising Tide

Podcast Posted Apr 4, 2017
By Mark Amery

"How does entanglement in the technical circuits of ‘progress’ shape not just dreams, but the capacity to dream?" In this pod guests Judy Darragh and Scott Hamilton join Mark Amery to discuss Dream Dialects, an exhibition by British artist Jem Noble recently installed at Te Tuhi, Aucklan

Podcast Posted Mar 16, 2017
By Mark Amery

“How does your native soul inform your work?” This week on the podcast, host Mark Amery sits down with broadcasting legend Tainui Stephens at the launch of the 2017 Māoriland Film Festival in Ōtaki, to discuss indigenous modes of exchange and distribution.

Posted Mar 7, 2017
By Hamish Win

Subjects overlap, one page bleeds through onto another, just as Lacey’s dual screens similarly replicate the process. It is palimpsestic, but it is also method. There is a clarity of the image, and then a mutating of the senses.