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Posted Mar 6, 2018
By Thomasin Sleigh

"... it’s important too, to have public art that is nimble, mouthy, and directly responsive to the political, environmental, and social exigencies of our times." Thomasin Sleigh writes on three recent commissions for Wellington public art space Masons Screen.

Posted Feb 11, 2018
By James Hope

Having set up the conditions under which the cycle reproduces itself, what role does Oram then affect? Capitalist puppet master? Fatuous market analyst? Or the superlative customer of all that is good and right? From our 2017/18 Summer Reading Series.

Posted Feb 6, 2018
By Tara Judah

"Whether her hand is open, closed, or reaching, there is life in every gesture." Tara Judah writes on the work of Jasmine Te Hira. From our 2017/18 Summer Reading Series.

Posted Jan 14, 2018
By Simon Palenski

“It was as if Māori had never been explorers who came to Aotearoa using a sophisticated system of navigation by the stars and ocean currents..." Simon Palenski writes on Ana Iti's Treasures Left by Our Ancestors (2016). From our 2017/18 Summer Reading Series.

Posted Dec 19, 2017
By Priscilla Howe

CIRCUIT's 2017 Curatorial Intern Priscilla Howe writes on the video work of Laura Duffy, and her intersection of the beautiful and the grotesque.

Posted Dec 11, 2017
By Mark Williams

CIRCUIT is very proud to announce The Thickness of Cinema e-book. 100 pages of interviews and discussions from the 2017 CIRCUIT Symposium / Artist Week 22-27 August in Otautahi / Christchurch. Free download below.

Posted Dec 6, 2017
By Priscilla Howe

Priscilla Howe, CIRCUIT's Curatorial Intern for 2017 discusses her group show PULSE/REPEAT, now at the Audio Foundation until 20 December and featuring work by Alexandre Larose, Willow McCarthy, Magdalena Hoult, Diva Blair and Robyn Jordaan.

Posted Nov 1, 2017
By Eleanor Woodhouse
Luke Willis Thompson, autoportrait, (2017). Installation view, Chisenhale Gallery 2017.

The art that Luke Willis Thompson makes is daunting, and dense, and his most recent work is no exception.

Posted Oct 17, 2017
By Hamish Win

It’s a mistake to think of documenta 14’s bifurcation as complimentary exhibition strategies.