worth your while

Still from Elisabeth Pointon, A Guide To: Effective Implementation of Self-service (2017)

Worth your while is an installation of two works by Elisabeth Pointon and Dilohana Lekamge which make room to embrace methods of care and self care within the day-to-day working environments of work and home.

Selected for the public art space Masons Screen by guest curator Laura Duffy, these two works utilise visual elements often seen in the world of labour; a computer screen showing a document and a car dealers workshop. The two videos consider what it means to being scrutinised in terms of productivity from an external managerial position as well as via the artists’ internal self-awareness.

Lekamge’s work turns leisure time into productivity. Writing out the entire script of the first episode of American TV comedy-drama Gilmore Girls by memory, she re-adjusts the white lens to accommodate her perspective as a Sri Lankan New Zealander. Pointon’s work pairs an inflated waving car yard air-dancer named Crystal with an adapted family meditation.

Both videos are absent of, but rework through the lens through, the experiences of brown bodies.

Laura Duffy is a Wellington-based artist, whose installation Garden of Purity is currently showing on the Wellington lightboxes, and is accompanied by a suite of 7 videos now online.

Elisabeth Pointon, A Guide To: Effective Implementation of Self-service (2017) 11-24 October
Dilohana Lekamge, Pilot - Gilmore Girls: Season 1, Episode 1 (2018) 25 October-7 November