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Posted Jan 16, 2014
By Abby Cunnane

If you could plan it, you’d wake up to a film like this. Though you wouldn’t actually wake up at all; you’d stay for a long time in the yellow saturated half-light of an evening which sends the sun slanting across fields so flat that they weigh the sky down.

Posted Jan 5, 2014
By Laura Preston

Immediately you are drawn in by the mood of Andrew de Freitas’ films. It’s in the air so to speak; constructed through a musical score that compounds an orchestration of images sculpturally composed frame after frame.

Posted Dec 11, 2013
By Julia Lomas

Julia Lomas reports on the last iteration of Parlour’s ongoing project, Art in artist’s living spaces, presented at the home of video artists Rebecca Hobbs and Leilani Kake in Otahuhu, Auckland, November 23 2013

Posted Nov 27, 2013
By Aaron Lister

Moving image, lots of moving image, is often considered the scourge of biennales.

Posted Oct 16, 2013
By Andrew Clifford
Still from The detectives, 2013, video, 4’ 46’’ Actors: Andy Baker, Caspar Connolly, Mark O’Donnell, Daphne Simons, Sorawit Songsataya, Tim Wagg. Photograph courtesy of the artist and Artspace

I’m no expert on the genre of film noir. But I suspect it’s something most people have a basic awareness of, even if slightly misguided or clichéd, just like many people assume anything from the early-mid 20th century can be described as art deco.

Posted Sep 16, 2013
By #500 words
Hit me with your best shot by Janet Lilo (2013) Photo by Louisa Afoa

Guest bloggers Louisa Afoa and Lana Lopesi from '#500 words - young criticality on art and culture' respond to Janet Lilo's recent show 'Hit me with your best shot'

Posted Aug 27, 2013
By Mark Williams

Since the late 1970s Martin Rumsby has developed an extensive career as a film-maker, writer, exhibitor and distributor in New Zealand and North America.

Posted Aug 26, 2013
By Mark Williams

In 2012 Dr May Adadol Ingawanij was the curator of the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival. On Friday Aug 30 she will be part in the CIRCUIT symposium Looking back into the future, as a panelist in our Professional Practice Forum (morning) and later in the day presenting a screening of recent Asian experimental cinema Reuse, Retell.

Posted Aug 2, 2013
Looking Back into the Future

With over 40 years of artist moving image production in New Zealand, what is the current state of local practice, and how do we create a dynamic and sustainable future?

Posted Jul 11, 2013
By Ryan Reynolds

The Death and Life of Great American Cities has been doing the rounds in Christchurch of late, in physical form and social media. It’s a 1961 book by urban studies activist Jane Jacobs, strongly condemning a certain 1950s brand of resource-hungry and ‘rationalist’ urban planning.