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Posted Oct 2, 2012
By Megan Dunn

'We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind, cause your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, well they’re no friends of mine.' So said Men Without Hats and so says Megan Dunn as she looks at the work of Rebecca Ann Hobbs, now showing at the Dowse, Lower Hutt.

Posted Sep 18, 2012
By Mark Williams

Recently installed at Jonathan Smart's new suburban space in Linwood, Christchurch, Et Al's Films from non-existent in the everyday world? offered alternately chilling, jarring and absurd reflections on dispossession and personal dislocation.

Posted Sep 3, 2012
This Fine Island (2012) Gavin Hipkins

The Artists were present (and so were our reviewers); condensed thoughts on the 2012 NZ International Film Festival by Tessa Laird, Martin Rumsby, David Cross, Megan Dunn & Peter Wareing.

Posted Aug 23, 2012
By Martin Rumsby

If New Zealand had a Cinema of Transgression it's founding artist would be the legendary Brent Hayward. Martin Rumsby reports from Mondo Feasto, a recent two-night survey of Hayward's films at Auckland's Audio Foundation.

Posted Aug 10, 2012
By Huhana Smith

Te Hiko Hou is an exhibition that combines electronic energies and constructed image making.

Posted Jul 27, 2012
By Mark Williams

“I like how performance can directly affect an audience and make them vulnerable or anxious...” - Steve Carr.

In this interview Steve Carr discusses the roots of his work in performance, his collaborations with film industry professionals and a recent residency in Japan.

Posted Jul 17, 2012
By Tessa Laird

Our most iconic movie director has reinvented himself as an artist, transforming some of the themes that have populated his films into video installations, photography, and paintings.

Posted Jul 5, 2012
By Mark Williams

Samin Son's performance works are marked by intimations of power, violence and control.

Posted Jun 26, 2012
By Mark Williams

Sitting in the back row of the Star Theatre at the Oberhausen Film Festival in Germany it's hard not to chuckle as the lights go down.

Posted Jun 9, 2012
By Megan Dunn

I saw Running in the Starlight (2011) late last year when it was screened on Square2 at the City Gallery. I purposely went to check this video out because a friend had recommended it and I wasn’t disappointed. I really liked this work. It’s hard not to.