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Posted Dec 9, 2019
By Hamish Win

"we might think of Pointon’s work here as a testimonial in the best sense, in that it too claims a moment of self-expression from within a system normally rigged for mass-dispersion." - Hamish Win

In this third essay in a series exploring how key moving-image concepts arise in other formats, Hamish Win discusses the work of Elisabeth Pointon, Luke Willis Thompson, Anna Brimer & Max Fleury, Guillermo Faivovich and Nicolas Goldberg, Lee Miller and Fiona Connor and Rob Hood.

See part One - Absorption and part Two - Refraction!

Posted Nov 14, 2019
By Jane Wallace

"...this anonymity, which can only breed within a crowd, enacts a radical invisibility within Offspring of rain. It destabilises the authority of physical existence in favour of sensation." - Jane Wallace

Posted Oct 22, 2019
By Hamish Win

"...what we get isn’t the straight take but the oblique angle, the refracting line in which storylines can multiply." - Hamish Win

In this second essay of a three-part series exploring how key moving-image concepts arise in other formats, Hamish Win discusses Guillaume Cailleau, Shaun Waugh, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Enberg and Tahi Moore.

Posted Oct 16, 2019
By Tim Corballis

"How we judge Campbell’s photography might come down to how we judge the ability of the camera to put an idea of contact and connection into practice."

Tim Corballis discusses two exhibitions by Joyce Campbell exhibited concurrently at the Adam Art Gallery, On the Last Afternoon: Disrupted Ecologies and the Work of Joyce Campbell and Te Taniwha: The Manuscript of Ārikirangi Adam Art Gallery, 27 July to 20 October 2019.

Posted Sep 17, 2019

From Me To You is the title of the 2019 CIRCUIT/AURA Symposium. Presented in Wellington on Saturday 5 October, From Me To You addresses the role of personal voices in artist moving image production. Featuring papers and presentations from Nina Tonga, Dr. Thierry Jutel, Milly Mitchell-Anyon, Gavin Hipkins, Dilohana Lekamge, Deme Scott-McGregor, Selina Erchadi, Shannon Te Ao. 

Posted Sep 5, 2019

CIRCUIT is proud to announce AURA Festival of Artist Moving Images, 28 Sept-5 Oct 2019, Newtown, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand.

Posted Sep 4, 2019
By David Eggleton

"Taking on the majesty of Tangaroa's realm, Monteith reveals the Sublime; then neatly pulls it apart like the carcase of a recently disinterred moa." - David Eggleton

Posted Jul 24, 2019
By Mark Williams

"Raw Black Metal has been really useful in terms of reinforcing the attitude or sensibility for making work. I guess it provides a sense of strength and then I distill that within my own work in a certain way." - Clinton Watkins

CIRCUIT Director Mark Williams sits down with Clinton Watkins to discuss a series of recent works inspired by Stanley Kubrick, ecological awareness and musical manifestos.

Posted Jul 2, 2019
By Bridget Reweti

"I’m interested in how you carry things, not necessarily resolve things or erase things. You just kind of carry them, hold them, bear them." - Shannon Te Ao

In the fourth and final conversation from our four part series Uiuinga, Bridget Reweti meets Shannon Te Ao. Commissioned by CIRCUIT and Toi Māori Aotearoa - Māori Arts New Zealand.

Posted Jun 25, 2019
By Hamish Win

There’s a plasticity to the arts that makes mediums entirely fluid. Surely then it’s no surprise to recognise one mediums technique in another. With this in mind, Hamish Win explores how key moving-image concepts of absorption, refraction and duration all arise in other formats. In this first essay of a three-part series Win examines Sam Rountree Williams’ recent use of cinematic absorption to invoke in painting a temporality without end.